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Connect Android to Ad-Hoc Wifi Network

This is a really simple and completely free way to connect your Android phone or tablet to your wi-fi desktop computer or laptop. This guide can also be used to allow more than one device of any type to connect to an ad-hoc network.

A lot of Android users would like to receive an Internet connection through their wireless network onto their device. This means that you share your computer’s Internet via wi-fi so your phone can use that instead of its own 3G or data network. Pretty good idea to save on mobile data.

The proper way would be to buy a hardware access point or router to which your Android device can connect. But if you don’t already have a wifi router I prefer the poor-man’s solution which I’ll describe here.

Usually this would be done by creating an ad-hoc wi-fi network on your laptop (or computer) and sharing the Internet which your laptop currently receives through a modem or LAN cable. Then you just search for wi-fi from your Android phone or tablet, and Bob’s your uncle. Not quite…

You see, for some strange reason Android devices can’t currently connect to ad-hoc networks. Pretty lame, seeing that those pesky iPhones can. Knowing them, Google is working on it for future Android versions.

Luckily, some clever guys found a work-around. And it’s pretty simple too. I got it set up and working in less than 10 minutes. I’ll tell you how to create a wi-fi network for your Android phone or tablet in just a bit.

But first we should look at some important things. The most important thing for this guide is that you have Windows 7 on your laptop, notebook or desktop computer. If you have a previous Windows version, you might as well stop reading here. No jokes. Widows 7 has additional features for wi-fi networks that will be used in this guide, which isn’t available in previous versions. I’ll repeat: It will definitely NOT work on Windows Vista or XP.

Next, you should update your wireless card’s drivers. Usually your updates can be found through Windows Update, otherwise you can check the manufacturer’s website for support.

We haven’t even started, yet we’re nearly done!

We’re going to download a neat little program called Connectify. Point your computer’s browser to and choose the free download (you don’t need the paid version).

Once you downloaded that bad boy, install it by following the easy steps. Now reboot your computer (very important).

After Windows gracefully loaded, we can start using Connectify. First ensure that you aren’t currently connected to another wi-fi network with the same network card. If your wi-fi card can switch on or off, ensure that it’s on.

Now open your spanking new Connectify application and see the plan come together. This software makes your wi-fi card act like a wireless access point (geek: WAP).

We need to do this as an alternative for an ad-hoc network. The difference between a WAP and an Ad-Hoc network is that a WAP can accommodate multiple devices at one time, and an ad-hoc network only connects two devices with each other (much like connecting two computers by laying a cable between each). Android only connects to a WAP at the moment.

We are basically tricking the Android phone or tablet into thinking that the wi-fi network is actually an access point or router.

Inside Connectify you really only have a few settings to look at. It’s really simple to set up.

You don’t need to specify a new Hotspot name, you can keep it “Connectify-Me”. Enter a new password (8 characters or more) and remember it. You’ll need it later on.

Under Internet you can choose the device from which you currently receive your Internet connection for your PC. In my case its a LAN cable, so I’ll select “Local Area Connection”. Yours might be through a USB modem device.

For the Advanced features you can leave the default values. Now click on the magic “Start Hotspot” button.

The software will switch to the “Clients” tab and wait for devices to connect. Now grab your Android device frantically and go to settings -> Wireless and network -> Wi-Fi Settings and turn your wi-fi on.

It will scan for new networks and hopefully display your new network (called “Conectify-Me”. Choose to connect to it and enter your password.

It may display “Authenticating” and “Obtaining IP Address” messages first. And BOOM!! It will say “Connected”.

Now test your new-found freedom by opening up the browser on your Android device and see if it loads a web page. Your phone or tablet will always show a wi-fi icon when it is properly connected to a wi-fi network.

Connectify Access Point

FYI: I set up this fake Wireless Access Point on a very old laptop which barely runs Windows 7 properly. It’s an Acer 3054 WXMi with a Radeon Xpress 1100 chipset and a built-in Atheros wireless network card. The Android device I used was an un-rooted, straight out of the box Samsung Galaxy S2 running Gingerbread without any modifications. It should work on any other Android device too.

If you can’t get it to work, note that not all wireless network cards support this functionality. Like I said earlier, update your drivers. Ensure that your Internet is working on your computer, and double-check each of the settings mentioned here.

If you found this guide useful, let me know via the comments field.

Now you can download like a boss without paying expensive 3G prices. The way it should be.

And that’s my 2 cents.

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55 thoughts on “Connect Android to Ad-Hoc Wifi Network

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  2. anilkumar5292 on said:

    Yeah I followed your steps and got internet in the android device. I am able to use the internet through the browser but my apps still cant get connected to the internet (like facebook app, youtube app etc ).

    The browsers like stock browser, dolphin browser can connect to internet but no other app is connecting including Play store. If you also faced and solved it please tell me.

  3. U can only use connectify for wired connection…

    i am using MTS internet dongle…
    and connectify does not allow me to use dat….i hav to buy a paid version for dat…:( :( :( :(

  4. Abhishek Shetty on said:

    thank you….sooooooooooo much it really helped me a lot lot lot…thank u soooo much buddy

  5. Thank you!!

    One thing, though – the link to connectify is a relative link, so it sends us to a non-existent page on your blog. You may want to change that :)

  6. cyanthrisvain on said:

    Thanks a bunch! Works just fine, as defined in your blog post.

  7. shekhar on said:

    IN connectify it doesnt give me the option of “wpa-2″. It only shows the ad-hoc connection option. What to do?

  8. My android phone (HTC Sensation and Samsung Galaxy Player 2) are not conecting to the connectify. but Nokia E52 is working fine. Please help me.

  9. So handy! Thanks a million

  10. USB modem device. is a pro only version :((

  11. thanks a lot!
    it was very much helpful to me,
    at last i got connected to ad-hoc network via my android 2.3

  12. connectify just released an update to their free version. it now enables WPA2 connection. so your laptop now works like a router and android phones can pick up the connection.

  13. I don’t even know how I ended up here, but I thought this post was good. I don’t know who you are
    but certainly you are going to a famous blogger
    if you aren’t already ;) Cheers!

  14. Thanks. Just what I needed!

  15. Trideb Ro on said:

    Thanks Its everything i needed. It works Damn fine Got the Pro version .
    Thanks a lot again.

  16. hello. i am trying to connect using the above points but still my android ph cannot scan the wi-fi network. i also tried to create a new network connection but that too doesnot work, the connectivity in my laptop says “” waiting for first device to connect to your hotspot..””. nothing further happens…

  17. secondly, in advanced settings , share over option shows an error ” AP not supported ” i dont know what does that mean…

  18. thanx….it was of gr8 help..:)

  19. Hey foolish author this method is not ad hoc net work just an access point. fool you

  20. it worked but the new connectify-me wirless network has no internet access .
    please help

  21. Ashraf Kushlaf on said:

    Thanks a lot ….. that was very helpful.

  22. Mohamed Mostafa on said:

    Many Thanks, it is working

  23. Is there an ubuntu version?

  24. THANKS!!!!! u r Great!!!!

  25. Thanx man, works perfect.

  26. Do you know any work around method to access proxy secured – authentication requiring internet. I don’t seem to connect to the wi-fi network of my university.

  27. silkybaby on said:

    thank you so much!!!!!!

  28. iznubadd on said:

    u fool author this method is not ad hoc, you choose access point
    change your title

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  30. Obtaining IP error then goes to avoided poor internet connection. using verizon air card on pc and android 4.0 tablet.

    Trying so hard to get this to work!

  31. Mickaël da Cruz Guimarães on said:

    Worked for me with a Galaxy Tab 2 connecting to a Win7 64 laptop. Thank you very much.

  32. Thanks so so much! You just saved me! İt worked! whew!!!! Bless!

  33. alalalalong on said:

    very useful, thank you very much

  34. Neeraj on said:

    wow its great…worked for me…thanks a lot

  35. Doesn’t work for me – does exactly the same as Windows 7’s integrated ad-hoc network feature does (but displays ads).

  36. Natasha Ahuja on said:

    I dont believe this! I have been feeling so bad about the fact that android phones cant connect to adhoc networks and the funniest part is that I have had connectify on the desktop for over a year but somehow i never turned it to WPA! It took me 30 seconds to do it and I cant tell you how grateful i am!

  37. Mohit on said:

    Does it not work when you have a protected network being accessed over proxy ?
    I access my network over proxy and when I install Connectify my LAN doesn’t connect to internet. Then I have to go to Internet TCP/IP properties and uncheck “Connectify LightWeight Filter” to get it working again, but if I uncheck that then my Connectify window doesn’t show LAN cable in the “Internet to Share” options….

    Kinda pissed at Android bigtime….my freaking Apple iPod connects without using any Connectify or any other program…just a simple ad-hoc network….. :|

  38. im having issue on my connectify, when i connect my android tablet, it works fine i can browse internet but then my wifi keeps on disconnecting and reconnecting every few seconds which the wifi became useless example when im using viber my calls drop everytime because i get disconnected and then reconnected..what seems to be the problem?is it on my device or is there something wrong to configure? please help im hardly cant find any solutions on the google.. sorry for bad english

  39. msedlae on said:

    I was wondering if you know how to get two different android tablet to join togethe like if the kids want to play mine craft they can join andord to apple tablet but not androd to android

  40. it need a .NET framework and wants to download it.. now, if i have a pirated edition of windows, it isnt advisable to download the .NET framework is it?

  41. Johan on said:

    Works only if you wireless device supports Access Point (AP) mode. So this is *not* a solution for an ad-hoc network:
    Unfortunately, updating your drivers is not enough to get the AP mode :-(
    So far, the only way seems to have a rooted android phone to be able to connect to an ad-hoc network, even in Android 4.2.2. I’m wondering how long they will wait before removing this serious limitation…

  42. nandini on said:

    thanx a lot…works with all my android devices…had been banging my head since two days to make it all devices r working on 3g speed..thnx again for sharing ur knowledge

  43. pankaj on said:


  44. olufemi on said:

    thanks like magic.for now.

  45. Just wanted to shout out and say thanks for the quick and easy tutorial. Couldn’t have done it without you. Thanks again -F

  46. Well written, buddy. I don’t know you, but I assume you’re a seasoned writer, at least for how-tos. Thanks and ciao!

  47. There’s nothing easier with this tutorial. Thank you!

  48. shavi on said:

    This guide was pretty useful, thanks amigo.

  49. Please I have try to use connectify for my Samsung tablet 3 but it doesn’t pick it can you please do something about it for me.

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